Lonny & Lonna Landers


Lonny Landers began working in the septic business with his father when he was just a child, helping out on the yard when he wasn’t in school and in 1993 he and his wife, Lonna Landers, started what is now Landers Septic and concrete. Lonny and Lonna both enjoy hunting, fishing and spending time with their grandkids. They both have a great work ethic and believe that treating your customers like you would a friend is the way to provide the best service.


Weldon Gilbert


Weldon Gilbert has been with Landers since Lonny started in 1993, he is our foreman and can help you by giving you information about our oilfield blocks and pads as well as our ranch use products. Weldon enjoys hunting and fishing, he is a hard worker and believes that you should take pride in what you do.

Mike Davis


Mike Davis is the yard supervisor at Landers, he has been with us since 2007, Mike can help you by answering any questions you may have about our concrete products. Mike is an avid football fan and enjoys fishing.



Lance Landers

Pump Truck Manager

Lance Landers is the middle son of Lonny and Lonna, he is our pump truck and dump truck operator. He can help you by giving cost estimates and scheduling dump truck and pump truck services. Lance has been working at Landers full time since 2009. He is a licensed septic installer. Lance is married with 2 children, he enjoys hunting and MMA.

Layton & Monica Landers – Project Manager

Layton Landers is the eldest son of Lonny and Lonna. He is our project manager, he can help you by giving cost estimates, scheduling, and looking at potential jobs. Layton began working at Landers Septic and Concrete during the summer while he was still in school, after graduating high school he chose to stay in the family business and has been employed full time since 2008. Layton has an associates degree in business and plans to further his education. He enjoys hunting and fishing. Layton is married to Monica Landers and they have two children.

Monica Landers is the main secretary at Landers Septic and Concrete, she can help you by giving cost estimates and answer any of your questions about our precast concrete products. Monica Landers has been with the business full time since 2012. She enjoys reading and is an avid football fan. 



Landon – Backhoe Operator

Landon Landers is the youngest son of Lonny and Lonna. He is our Backhoe Operator, and is a licensed septic installer, he can help you by installing your system quickly and efficiently. Landon has been employed at Landers Septic and Concrete full time since 2011. He enjoys fishing and hunting.